23 March 2015

My baengong ♥


23rd March, 12 am and yes! It have been 2 years already. Happy birthday bffuid yang paling femes. For those that have been read my blog, they know about bffuid because every time we have an event or something, I'll post it in my blog. We've been through all together. But we're still childish as usual. We knows that its hard to keep this friendship by reason of there's a lot of person that inhibit one of us to stay in this group. As the example, waktu kita form 2, there's a girl that want to take out me from bffuid. Then, ada kawan Fina yang create geng bbfuid. We don't know what it is stand for, but for Nad, she said that, bbfuid means (Best Bangang Friends Until I Die) She want to take out Fina from this group, and I was like, 'pisau mana pisau?'

BFFUID ada waktu down / happy, sakit / sihat, lapar / kenyang, susah / senang, gila / normal, bodoh / pandai. We'll fix the defects that we have, achieve our dreams all together. Ignore the person who is trying to destroy our friendship. If one of bffuid have problems, don't share it to the other, please take the advice that bffuid give. That's all from me. Hee. Actually ada banyak lagi gambar, gambar bffuid saja ada beribu2.

Ouh ya! For those yang ada instagram, follow our group acc : bffuid.10

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